Do's & Donts

Do check with your manager/agent if they want a specific look.


Do bring your old photos if you have any, and especially if you don't like them. I would like to see them whether you like them or not.


Do bring about double the number of changes that we'll be shooting. For example, 4 outfits = bring 8 then.


Don't bring excessive amounts of clothes... this is a walkup studio.


Do be in a confident mood and don't worry about "how" to get your photos done.... that's my job.


Don't party the night before; do it after! If you have had more than four drinks the night before, please reschedule; you must look your best!




If you interrupt a previous client, their shoot will run overtime and your shoot will then run overtime. Early entry would result in early billing.


Do bring your laptop or flashdrive; much faster than burning DVDs.


Do call the day before and leave a confirmation message.


Do bring dark plain colors, in general. Try to stay away from white or light pastels, especially light pink and light green. If you love them, bring them as alternates.


Don't bring loud patterns or shirts with writing on them.


Do bring these things if you really like them, but bring them as alternates.


Do bring light/dark underwear and a selection of different shoes.


Don't wear tight socks or bras as the marks take about 45 minutes to go away.


Do bring your clothes on hangers, and bonus points if you steam or iron your clothes the night before.

Don't forget that the studio accepts credit cards and paypal.... and cash. For whatever reason, American Express doesn't work with the c/c system I have.


Do plan on having fun on your shoot! If you are having fun, your photos will sell, sell, sell you!!


Don't forget... you can print this page out!